Testimonial From our Customers
  • �I�ve been using Mitchell 1�s ServiceIntelligence since 2006 and last year I generated over $150K in additional gross sales by consistently presenting services using the SI report. Not all customers agree to all the services, but I let them decide. It�s my job to present all the services that the vehicle needs and I�m alright with customers declining a service. The majority of those that decline a particular service or services end up having them completed as time and their budgets allow.�

    Click here to read article publised by Auto Pro News 10/09

    Tom Gebbie, Owner
    Gebbie's AutoCare
    Lansdale, PA

  • �Service Intelligence is great. We started using the program with a free trial that George set us up with. I used it but I did not use it to the capacity that I should have and I let the trial pass me by. However some of my clients did ask what happened to those forms you were giving me. That was the light I needed to continue providing the reports. The big breakthrough came when I installed a second printer. I now give the client a color copy and the techs get a black copy to use. Now when they see that we never serviced the transmission for example it helps in their inspection and makes selling the service much easier. The SI report giving to my customers has been able to put an extra $7500 on my bottom line each month. As they say all you need to do is sell an extra $3.00 or so per RO and it pays for itself. If you stick with it at least 80% of the time you will sell that times many. Plus the stress level of the shop has gone down because we were able to bring our avg RO up while lowering our daily car count to achive the same sales numbers and the work is nicer when its routine maintenance. Thank you�

    Marc Daniels, Owner
    Dan's Auto Service Inc.
    Taberg, NY

  • �We have been a Mitchell Management customer since 1992 and an SI TMP customer for 2 years. We have always tracked customer histories so we have an extensive customer service history database. Using SI to review each customer�s history has made it easy for us to accurately assess each customer vehicle service needs according to the manufacturers requirements when they schedule an appointment, resulting in a noticeable increase in sales over the last 2 years.�

    Thomas Elliott, Owner
    Danvers Auto Engineering
    Danvers, MA

  • �I always felt we did a good job of performing maintenance checks on all vehicles in our shop, but with the SI vehicle report sheets we can guarantee a consistent level of checks every time��

    Jim Altvater, Owner
    Bridgeville Automotive
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • ��It�s a great sales tool but it�s not going to work by itself, you have to use it. We are selling about $4000 in additional business a month using ServiceIntelligence which means we�ve sold an additional $36,000 since we started on the program ninemonths ago.�

    Jay Meir, Owner
    Excel Automotive
    Houston, TX

  • �We are big believers in what ServiceIntelligence has done to increase our average ROvalue and specific maintenance services.�

    Kay Wynter, Owner
    Terry Wynter Automotive
    Fort Myers, FL