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Business Description:

Quality Brake and Muffler is your complete automotive service centre in Sidney, B.C. Whether its warranty approved maintenance or diagnostics and repair, Quality Brake and Muffler has been the serving Sidney and the Saanich Peninsula for over a decade. We at Quality Brake And Muffler service foreign and domestic automobiles in accordance with manufacturer and aftermarket warranty requirements. With the latest in technology and equipment we can take care of all your automotive needs.

We use only original equipment quality parts so we can backup all our service and repairs with a 12 month /20,000 km warranty. We also provide a scheduled maintenance program that is easy to understand and will prolong the life and value of your investment. At Quality Brake And Muffler we will always provide an estimate for approval before proceeding with any repair.

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We understand that our business is built on the relationship we have with our customers and we take their satisfaction very serious. If you are a current customer excited about your last service visit, please leave us a review.
Brett M.
Aug 29th, 2019
I loved it!
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Neil M.
Aug 4th, 2014
5 Star Rating
Richard M.
Apr 19th, 2014
Excellent service from a very honest shop. Very professional people. Will definitely bring my business back.
Greg B.
May 7th, 2014
My truck service.
Honest straight forward advice and service to match. I'm very pleased with the work and done on time as quoted. They also arranged a car rental so I wasn't stranded without transportation.This was my 3rd visit and I'll be back.
Chris C.
Jul 17th, 2014
Thorough analysis
Stephen and his team did a great job analyzing my latest acquisition, a $300 Jeep. They showed me how I could make it into a very serviceable $4,000 Jeep, and helped me decide what were the important factors in weighing budget against safety and cosmetics. I now have an ugly but very functional $2,000 Jeep, and I am delighted with the outcome. Don't be fooled my the company name - "Brake and Muffler" is just a small part of what these guys can do, which encompasses pretty much everything except diesels.
Glenna D.
Jul 18th, 2014
5 Star Rating
Mary-ann M.
Jul 21st, 2014
5 Star Review
Carolyn L.
Jun 22nd, 2018
Excellent service. Very nice people to deal with. Fair pricing. Convenient location.
Dave W.
Aug 11th, 2014
5 Star Rating
Terry T.
May 30th, 2015
I love it!
Excellent service with a friendly approach that takes care of your car and all the concerns one might have with it.
Richard R.
Oct 20th, 2019
I loved it!
In the 5 years of being a client of Quality Brake & Muffler I have always found them to be knowledgeable, helpful, considerate and competent. The service and quality of work is of the highest standard and they always deliver on their commitments.
Dean T.
Feb 12th, 2015
5 Star Rating
Dean T.
Feb 12th, 2015
These guys kickass.
I've been going to Quality Auto for years now and it was recommended to me from 2 other people as a trustworthy shop. I've had nothing but good experiences with them; they always have made time to fit me in for service, even on short notice. They save me money where they see that I can, and take the time to explain what needs to be done and why. I trust these guys and they live up to the name.
Olina C.
Mar 8th, 2015
5 Star Rating
Audrey W.
May 30th, 2015
Quality service as usual. Keep up the good work!
Always a pleasure doing business with you people as you seem to know your stuff! Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next visit!
Barb M.
Jun 6th, 2015
Great as usual
My service was great, rates are fair and I have recommended Quality Brake and Muffler to many of my friends. Thanks, Steve!
Helen K.
Dec 27th, 2015
I loved it!
Glen M.
Jan 23rd, 2016
I loved it!
Marlowe S.
Feb 5th, 2016
Regular Oil/Grease and Filter Service
Service was great and I always feel confident that Steve and his staff are thorough in their work. They do what needs to be done and recommend work that needs to be taken care of immediately or in the future.
Thomas K.
May 30th, 2018
Tony Q.
Nov 14th, 2017
As always excellent and prompt service Thanks Steve and the crew there
George E.
Aug 15th, 2016
These gentlemen are great. For example, I had a long lasting issue with my Prius where I couldn't understand why gas consumption went higher than I remember. Since then I passed a few visits to dealer and KalTire to rotate my tires assuming they were doing re-balancing correctly. In result, it turned there was a crack in one of the struts, which required its replacement and after that was done, balancing completed successfully and now I am back to my 4.7l/100km. Kudos to Quality Brake and Muffler!
Brette L.
Feb 22nd, 2017
Garrnet B.
Mar 27th, 2019

As always, wonderful service of a top-quality nature right on time.
Barry W.
Oct 17th, 2019
I loved it!
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Jim C.
Mar 31st, 2017
Great service Very knowledgable staff Issues with vechile are handled the first time in No return visits needed
Bridgette K.
Sep 22nd, 2017
Customer left a review at
Sylvia L.
Feb 7th, 2019
Everything is well explained. Only work needed to be done is done. Honest.
Sylvia L.
Feb 7th, 2019
We've been taking all our cars here for service for a number of years. Always satisfied.
Kevin H.
Apr 16th, 2017
Hi Steven Didn't get the follow up email with appointment confirmation for Friday 28th at 9am to fix the tail light issue. The temp work around works great - Thank You. I left a gleaming review on Google, btw :) Kevin 2502082909
Peter M.
Apr 29th, 2018
Garrnet B.
Mar 27th, 2019

As always, wonderful service of a top-quality nature right on time.
Claire S.
Apr 29th, 2021
I loved it!
Peter M.
May 5th, 2017
Fast,friendly service. Good communication. Thanks
Vicki D.
May 6th, 2017
The name says it all: this is a quality establishment. Stephen is our trusted automotive expert. He provides diligent, honest, competent, reliable, and humorous service. Lucky us to have stumbled into his domain. Thank you Stephen.
Shiela P.
May 18th, 2019
I loved it!
Great service, as I am always behind and you always get me in and when I had a leak I went right in Thank ou
Ed S.
Mar 12th, 2013
Always treated very well
As always the service received was excellent. Clear explanations are always provided before and after work is done. Work is completed a timely manner. All necessary up coming repairs/maintenance is outlined on the invoice along with the next scheduled appointment.
Dave A.
Jun 6th, 2013
Betty N.
Sep 9th, 2013
Excellent as always
I have had my cars serviced by Quality Brake and Muffler for a few years now and would not take them anywhere else. I have complete trust in the staff and always know my vehicle is in the best hands possible.
Isabell B.
Mar 15th, 2016
I loved it!
Ed S.
Mar 15th, 2016
I loved it!
Sylvia L.
Feb 7th, 2019
Always feel that i can trust the service and the work and we love the reminders. A good place to go.
Lisa W.
Mar 21st, 2016
Awesome Service
This shop always has Reasonable and fair prices. Steve has Excellent communication. He always completes the work in a Timely manner. They go above and beyond to make me happy with every repair and service. Thank you!!
Dave A.
Jan 14th, 2013
perfect !! [ Steve that is ! ] so was the service and everything else . We do not know what we would do without Steve in Sidney !
Trish N.
Aug 8th, 2016
Sidney, BC Quality Brake and Muffler is the best place on the island to get your car fixed. Steve's honesty, dedication, excellent customer service and the talented team he works with are tremendous and a breath of fresh air in an industry that does not always have a good reputation. Keep up the excellent work! fyi - I have moved 40 minutes away but still will only take my car to them. They make you feel like part of the family! What more can you ask for?
Raymond B.
Apr 14th, 2016
I loved it!
Patti L.
Dec 24th, 2017
Customer left a review at
Jim H.
Jun 29th, 2017
Customer left a review at
Dave A.
Jul 24th, 2017
Annie G.
Oct 13th, 2017
Dave H.
Jan 13th, 2019
As always the service and repair were excellent and very professionally done. Quality is extremely honest in their dealings and work. They never do work that is not needed even if is scheduled and then found to be okay. \r\n
Mary T.
Oct 26th, 2017
Richard T.
May 10th, 2018
Shane B.
Nov 17th, 2017
Steve is an automotive technician I trust. He’s good at expaining what needs to be done and what doesn’t. He often keeps the replaced parts to show you what failed. Quality Auto has been my ‘go to’ team for more than ten years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. S.
Chris W.
Feb 27th, 2019
Customer left a review at
David O.
Dec 14th, 2017
Marks M.
Dec 21st, 2017
Allan R.
Jan 31st, 2018
Barry D.
Jan 1st, 2018
Customer left a review at
Britta N.
Aug 25th, 2018
Joi S.
Mar 2nd, 2018
Customer left a review at
Burt M.
Mar 8th, 2018
Excellent service as always !
Josie G.
Mar 11th, 2018
Customer left a review at
Richard P.
May 3rd, 2018
From the very first phone call I was so impressed how they knew the detailed maintenance schedule of my car before I even explained it to them. Fantastic service and we will definitely keep going back! Thank you Steve for being a breath of fresh air!
Bill K.
Apr 4th, 2019
I loved it!
Quality Brake and Muffler has been looking after my Altima since my previous garage went through several changes of staff in a couple of years. QB&M just did an excellent brake job for me, on time and on budget. I also thought the price was very fair.
David E.
May 22nd, 2018
Scott W.
May 23rd, 2018
Carolyn M.
May 28th, 2018
Excellent experience at Quality Brake and Muffler. Stephen was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. This is the first time I’ve taken my Rav 4 there for service and repair and I’ll definitely be back. Everything was done efficiently and explained clearly. They even arranged car rental right there! Thanks! See you next time.
Susan L.
Oct 19th, 2019

I have been taking my car to Quality Brake and Muffler in Sidney for over 10 years. I drive from Victoria to Sidney for service. I totally trust Stephen for all my car needs. They take care of me at Quality Brake and Muffler in Sidney, B.C.
Nancy M.
Jun 5th, 2018
Fred S.
Aug 9th, 2019
I loved it!
Richard W.
Jul 26th, 2018
Les W.
Jul 31st, 2018
Maria V.
Aug 12th, 2018
Customer left a review at
Annabel G.
Oct 24th, 2019
I loved it!
Customer left a review at
Pam S.
Sep 1st, 2018
Customer left a review at
Tara H.
Sep 13th, 2018
Steve and his crew are awesome they always take good care of us. We have been going to Quality for years and will keep going for years! Totally recommend this shop! Great service :)
Glenn K.
Sep 16th, 2018
Customer left a review at
Mike T.
Sep 26th, 2018
Customer left a review at
Julia K.
Sep 28th, 2018
Craig R.
Sep 29th, 2018
Dennis D.
Mar 1st, 2021

Stephen's engagement with customers and their car issues is informative, friendly, respectful, superb.
Mike L.
Jul 4th, 2018
The service was excellent as it always is and the staff is extremely friendly. Not to mention how good Steve looks bent over the front of a vehicle. 10/10 would do (again.)
Dan M.
Feb 18th, 2019
They know what they are doing and they get the job done no worries
Anne L.
Jul 22nd, 2018
Why didn’t I start going there years ago? Exceptional everything. \r\n\r\nAnne Light\r\n
John T.
Aug 15th, 2017
Customer left a review at
Gary M.
Aug 27th, 2017
Art F.
Oct 17th, 2019
I loved it!
Customer left a review at
Barb H.
Oct 26th, 2019

Steve again thanks for the quick repair and getting me back on the road without a safety issue enabling me to get where I needed to be when I needed to be. Always good quality service. Barb Hicks
Marlene M.
Oct 17th, 2019
I loved it!
Customer left a review at
Joanne M.
Nov 18th, 2018
Stewart A.
Aug 11th, 2019
I loved it!
Excellent service, as usual.
Luana M.
Oct 17th, 2019
I loved it!
Andrew F.
Feb 10th, 2019
Customer left a review at
Carie T.
Dec 1st, 2018
Kayla E.
Dec 14th, 2018
Great customer service!
Louis B.
Dec 24th, 2018
Ed S.
Dec 28th, 2018
Always very courteous service. Steve takes the time to research requirements and provide the best price options plus pros and cons for each. Thanks for the great service
Vicki T.
Jan 7th, 2019
Ken R.
Jan 10th, 2019
Customer left a review at
Thanh ( Kevin ) T.
Jan 13th, 2019
Excellent service, fast, on time and reliable. Diagnoses are spot on...
Allison M.
Apr 25th, 2019
I loved it!
Arthur M.
Apr 28th, 2019

I like that Steve explains in a way that a non-technician can understand what must be done and why in servicing our vehicle.
Nola S.
May 15th, 2019

Edith J.
May 20th, 2019
I loved it!
Customer left a review at
Andrew M.
Jun 28th, 2019
I loved it!
Customer left a review at
Stan L.
Jun 28th, 2019

Stephen is thorough and does great work. Very knowledgeable.
Bruce S.
Jul 8th, 2019
I loved it!
Customer left a review at
Anne D.
Jul 20th, 2019
I loved it!
Customer left a review at
Joan B.
Jul 20th, 2019
I loved it!
Customer left a review at
Greame D.
Aug 17th, 2020
I loved it!
Fast, efficient and professional as usual
Shana W.
Feb 2nd, 2019
Rachel P.
Feb 6th, 2019
Customer left a review at
Brian W.
Jul 7th, 2019

The usual good service from the place I've gone to for more than ten years.
Lauren H.
Oct 17th, 2019
I loved it!
Customer left a review at
Nancy P.
Oct 20th, 2019
I loved it!
Steve at Quality is fantastic! Gets my van in and out promptly, has rescued me in several “emergency” situations, I would highly recommend them! (Now if you could just find my missing hubcap lol!)
Julie P.
Oct 25th, 2019

Steve, at Quality Brake and Muffler, is the best man to deal with. I'm totally satisfied with the work they do on my Chev blazer and brought my neighbour in to have her car serviced there. Top Quality and Service!!! Always. J. Pringle
Lucas H.
Jan 30th, 2020
I loved it!
Bobby B.
Aug 17th, 2020

Awesome service and attention to detail!\r\n
Frank B.
Aug 28th, 2020
I loved it!
Customer left a review at
Pat C.
Aug 30th, 2020
I loved it!
Customer left a review at
James L.
Mar 27th, 2023

Just started using Steve's service recently. Have had three work appointments completed now. Very pleased with Steve's service. We are all looking for a mechanic we can trust to tell us the truth, complete the work on time and successfully and charge us a reasonable price. Steve delivered on all counts. Very much appreciate that Steve takes the time to explain what he thinks the problem may be, how to fix the problem and what it might cost to fix. We had an issue getting an problem sorted out the first visit, so a second visit was required which solved the problem. Steve took the time to actually call me after the second visit to make sure the problem had been fixed. First time a mechanic has ever called me to make sure I was happy. Well done Steve!! Steve seems comfortable working on European cars also, which is huge bonus, alleviating the need to drive into Victoria where most Euro shops in the area are located. Extremely happy to have found Quality Brake and Muffler and Steve!! Highly recommend.
Chuck M.
Apr 6th, 2019
I loved it!
Joan V.
May 29th, 2019
I loved it!
Customer left a review at
Greg B.
May 15th, 2017
Friendly, knowledgeable and honest.
Neil M.
Jan 30th, 2014
Excellent srevice and attantion to detail
Laura B.
Mar 23rd, 2016
It's great!
David B.
Apr 3rd, 2016
It's great!
Bryan P.
Aug 25th, 2017
Customer left a review at
Mary-ann M.
Mar 8th, 2013
Oil change and tire repair -done quickly and done well! No complaints! Mary Ann Martin But I am still waiting for my front/rear brake detailed estimate.
George S.
Feb 12th, 2018
Sharon W.
Mar 5th, 2016
It's great!

Feedback from Shop Owner:
Thank you, It was nice to meet you and its always pleasing to see our work making clients happy.

Ian S.
Apr 25th, 2019

Excellent professional and on-time service at a fair price, with courteous staff who never try to upsell you. I have both my vehicles serviced here and have never had a single complaint with their work.\r\n
Lyndsay W.
Nov 10th, 2019
It's great!
Customer left a review at
Andree F.
Feb 28th, 2019
Ken M.
Jan 25th, 2019
Andrew M.
Jan 30th, 2019
Dave G.
Apr 28th, 2018
Customer left a review at
Paul P.
Nov 27th, 2019

Steve, Thanks for looking after our Prius. Now that she is in good shape (for a reasonable $) we are ready for our trek.\r\nPaul
Dale P.
Oct 13th, 2018
Brett M.
Jan 14th, 2013
Stephen is great to deal with. Very honest and trustworthy.. The location is awesome. Right in the heart of Sidney.. Brett
Colin W.
Jun 22nd, 2018
Good service, and would rate higher if we had received a phone call letting us know it would take longer so we could change travel plans.
Sarah R.
Aug 24th, 2014
No complaints with work..customer service needs work
I went to quality to get my brakes and rotors and callipers done on my dodge caravan. I went in and asked for an estimate for these things and he wouldn't give me one he said not until they inspected it. I thought this was poor because I called other places and they just told me that I may need other things done but this is what the things I asked for would cost. Also when I called to see what was needed at noon that day he said I needed brakes rotors and callipers but had to wait till his order came in to get them, when I took the car in why couldn't the parts be ordered rather than waiting till half way throughout the day. He. Said that they where waiting in parts for 3-4hours! Then I couldn't pick up my car till after 5:30 pm because they where waiting so long ( I had to take my son somewhere at 5). I told them I would pick up my car the next day on my break, I come the next day and there is no one in the office. I flag down a mechanic and he tells me the that the manager has steped Out and will deal with me when he gets back. ( I am on my break from work) I ask them to call him because I am pressed for time and they as y that he has no phone! So I have to wait because no one in the whole place except the manager has passwords for the computer. After 10-15minute the manager gets back and says how's my day, I express my displeasure and the manager flippantly says well they can't have passwords because they would have access to my accounts (ever heard of password protected file...) he then prints my invoice and I pay and leave . Upon review of my invoice I note that the other brake information was left incomplete And the inspection note weren't there. Poor service gets no points with me defiantly wouldn't go somewhere that doesn't value my time, going back to my old mechanic

Feedback from Shop Owner:
We do not give prices on repairs over the phone, that is our policy. As for giving prices to the client we went over the worst case when vehicle was dropped off. We do not order parts assuming we need them as the could be restocking fees for returning parts not needed. We also are 37 km from the Victoria warehouse and it sometimes takes time to get parts delivered depending on driver location when parts ordered and traffic on highway. The client was offered a courtesy truck as replacement if needed and they stated they had other options. they did say they would pick up the car during their break around 10 but arrived to pick up at 9:15. I cannot comment on how long they waited but the manager was off site for about 10 mins . It is completely our fault for allowing this client to feel not served to our typical standard and we have had discussion on ways to prevent time related issue with current delivery service and what time bank deposits should be done, as for technicians having passwords and protected file, the file is password protected as the invoice system is the file and that cannot be changed. We take this as a great lesson and take it as great criticism that we will use to improve our service. Thanks.

Paul S.
Oct 17th, 2019
It wasn't so good
Dianna H.
Oct 17th, 2019
I didn't like it
Katrina G.
Apr 2nd, 2019

I meant to choose 5 stars 😊 not just 1 and now I see its already posted :( I was thinking I had to fill them all in to make the 5, I’m sorry! 5 it is 😊 it’s a treat bringing your car in, they are so knowledgeable, fast and efficient and the price is always right!!\r\nKatrina
Robert L.
Feb 16th, 2018

Feedback from Shop Owner:
I guess " absolutely no rush " means now?

Margret P.
Oct 18th, 2019
I didn't like it

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