Ways To Use It

Simplify Service Sales

  • Expertly identify all sales opportunities by automatically flagging service needs.
  • Offer all recurring service needs, to every customer, at time of vehicle drop-off.
  • Assist customer's purchasing decisions with trust-worthy service history analysis.

Increase Profitability

  • Increase car counts by shortening time between maintenance visits.
  • Boosting recurring-maintenance sales reduces business peaks and valleys.
  • Increase tech recommendations sales with Declined Work reminders.
  • Recover maintenance-work lost to competitors with managed auto care.

Create Competitive Advantage

  • Distinguish your business with maintenance-tracking excellence.
  • Provides your customers with a strategy to control cost of vehicle ownership.
  • Deliver a higher level of personalized service for competitive advantage.

Deepen Customer Loyalty

  • Lower customer anxiety at the point of sale with recommendation accuracy.
  • Track all vehicles in a family and adjust service needs based on usage.
  • Deepen customer trust with authoritative, accurate and fair reporting.
  • Automatically send Thank You notes recognizing consumer's loyalty.

Boost Employee Productivity

  • Instantly arm your Service Writers with accurate vehicles service alerts.
  • Instantly analyze all records and predict maintenance needs at the front counter.
  • Optimize your technician's time by directing their focus on what is needed.

Reduce Training Costs

  • Lower staffing skill needs at the Point-of-Sale with expert Service-Need predictions.
  • With SI POS you can hire female service writers with no automotive background.
  • Easily maintain a highly professional service-writing and customer service standard.

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