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Accuracy You Can Count On

Your business' reputation can be enhanced or tarnished depending on the accuracy of your CRM message. For this reason, it is important to understand the two types of methods used to produce services recommendations:

  • Estimating odometers and quoting manufacturer recommendations
  • Aging service history based on actual vehicle usage

The first method, standard in the automotive CRM industry, does not make use of any of the detailed line items in your shops's service history. Instead, only the year, make, model and odometer reading on the last invoice is used. The result is a �generic� recommendations that apply to any vehicles of the same year, make and model with similar mileage. With this method it is possible to recommend work already performed.

The second method, exclusive to ServiceIntelligence, ages detailed service line items according to each vehicle�s actual daily usage. In other words, tire rotations, air filters and 23 other individual service items are accurately tracked and reported individually.

For example: Two of your customers own the same year, make, model with similar mileage. But they have different service history and one drives 9 miles/day versus the other 90 miles/day, SI CRM recommendations for maintenance would be very specific and different for each vehicle.

This results in high customer satisfaction and response rates. SI 360 is the ultimate in personalized automotive CRM.

An Industry Leader

eAutoClub, Inc. is the industry leader in the automotive aftermarket data-mining field. eAutoClub is a certified data provider for Mitchell1 and Snap-On ShopKey. Additionally, ServiceIntelligence is compatible with Mitchell1 Manager 5.9 and SE, ShopKey, AllData, RO Writer and most major shop management systems.

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