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“Service Intelligence has gotten me excited about the business again because of all the really new possibilities it presents. And, when I say really new, I mean things that were never before possible before in marketing automotive service. SI is a precision cutting instrument- a scalpel that cuts to the heart of what's needed to get the hull of your automotive repair business up out of the water and planing across the surface. SI was/is designed and built by automotive repair shop owners, for automotive repair shop owners. It's the real deal! Ray Carr, Owner - CarrSmith, Gainsville, FL”
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Know exactly what is needed or not
Parts and fluid replacement needs are different from one vehicle to the next based on service history. That's why condition-based service intelligence is essential to both the vehicle owners and to your service team.

What's hot? Ultra-accurate predictive service alerts that track every part, fluid and lubricant line-item in your shop's database. What's not? Generic CRM.

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Authoritatively communicate what is needed or not
Confidence in recommendations increases sales
Exceeding expectations builds satisfaction & loyalty
Predictive technology keeps it simple & ultra-accurate
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Condition-based CRM
Track the life-cycle of every part, lubricant and fluid exchanged. Set-up is a breeze and stays current with automatic syncs to your shop management system.
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Everybody knows exactly what is due, not due or never done. Instantly!
Service excellence is rewarded with loyalty and sales.
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Total creative control with set-and-forget productivity.
Send two-way texting, emails, and postcards using profesionally designed templates.
Simple powerhouse
3 easy steps. First find vehicles in need of a service, next pick an image, then customize your offer.
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Getting awesome reviews is easy when we exceed our customers' expectations. SI online-appointments, reviews and promotions are auto-posted to your website and Facebook page.
Fishing sonar
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Sonars are essential to fishermen.
Without them fish are invisible.

SI is an automotive maintenance “sonar” that identifies all service-needs hidden in an ocean of service records.
Database fishing
The average 10-year old shop database is half a million records deep.

SI identifies all “maintenance needs” and alerts the service advisor, technician and vehicle owner “automatically” via desktop & mobile alerts, texting, emails and postcards.
X-ray vision
Only SI flags 30 maintenance items as; due now, not due yet or never done
(Note: Generic CRM doesn't track coolant flushes, tires rotations or air filter replacements, etc.).

Vehicle inspections in sales are perceived as self-serving and recommendations are often declined. SI computerized “part and fluid condition tracking” boosts sales because it is considered accurate, un-biased and trust-worthy.
Superior service experience
Consistently exceed your customers' expectations at vehicle drop-off.

Our mission is to deepen your customer loyalty
with a clearly superior customer service experience.
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“I've been using ServiceIntelligence since 2006 and last year I generated over $150K in additional gross sales by consistently presenting services using the SI report. Not all customers agree to all the services, but I let them decide. It's my job to present all the services that the vehicle needs and I'm alright with customers declining a service. The majority of those that decline a particular service or services end up having them completed as time and their budgets allow.”
Tom Gebbie, Owner - Gebbie's Auto Care, Lansdale, PA
“Finally, someone has designed a system that actually helps me provide BETTER SERVICE to my customers, all while making my job easier. Service Intelligence is customizable so that it tracks maintenance and makes recommendations the way I want it to. I love it! I have used CustomerLink, MechanicNet, and Mitchell1 CRM, to find out that I was sending my customers unnecessary recommendations, because the vehicle's service history was not being tracked. That is not how any shop gains a customer's trust. Now, I just print a very professional looking Vehicle Service Report, present it to my customer at the counter, and show them exactly what their vehicle needs now, and what services are not due until a later date. This report is also sent to my customer's email when the next service is due. This has proven to be successful in many ways, including a higher level of customer loyalty, and a substantial ARO increase. And, the SI Support Department can't be beat! Service Intelligence is what I have been waiting for!”
Jason Hood, Owner – Cooper Fuel & Auto Repair, Bremerton, WA
“We started using Service Intelligence from eAutoClub a couple of months ago. Since then we have seen a significant improvement in car count and advance scheduling. We had been using CustomerLink for 3 years prior to trying Service Intelligence. While I can't say CustomerLink hasn't helped, the results were nowhere near as immediate as with eAutoClub. Since starting with Service Intelligence we have already hired two additional technicians, and we are looking for one additional office person. When I first signed up, I was told that SI could be set up to email me a copy of everything sent to my customers. Initially I thought getting copied with all the customer out-bound mail was a bad idea but you guys asked me to try it for a while. So, I took the time to review the emails and compare them with my customers' service histories. S.I. has impressed me with the accuracy of the eAutoClub reports sent to my customers. S.I. pulls the services out of 20+year-customer service histories, as thick as a newsstand magazines, and puts them into a concise 1-page report. S.I. knows that when we change a water pump, we replaced the coolant and that's a cooling system service. No more having customers remind us of services we missed because we too hurriedly reviewed their history prior to calling and trying to sell a service that was not yet due. ”
Ray Carr, Owner - CarrSmith AAA Approved Auto Repair, Gainsville, FL
“I am a MaxxTraxx user and have used ServiceIntelligence for 19 days. I made an additional $10,000 in revenue so far from presenting the ServiceIntelligence Point-of-Sale reports to the customers at the front counter. Before ServiceIntelligence, I used safety inspection worksheets but it was difficult to get customers to buy recommended service. Now, when I print out the reports from ServiceIntelligence, customers accept recommendations and purchase more services because the computer is unbiased and generated what is needed for their car with accuracy. Two examples: Ford truck came in for a transmission issue, told him what was wrong with the transmission plus showed him the SI report regarding the radiator hoses needing to be change after four years and the customer bought all the water hoses, $1600 worth. Then a new Lexus with 16,000 miles came in for an oil change, according to the SI report she had not had a wheel alignment and balancing ever done on her car listed under the “No History” section. The customer bought the wheel alignment and balancing also. She spent $250 instead of $30 for just the oil change. I have used DemandForce and was interested in Customer Link when Rex at MaxxTraxx suggested I give ServiceIntelligence a try. I have been in business for a long time and this is the best Customer Retention company I have ever used! I am a believer in ServiceIntelligence and will be with them for a long time! I highly recommend”
Dave Piper, Owner - Dave's Lamont Street Auto Repair, Pacific Beach, CA
“ServiceIntelligence has done a world of good for us. We explain to every customer that SI adjusts service recommendations based on service history and vehicle usage. This has helped us grow our business, even through the last few years that have been tough for everybody.”
Mike Bakic, Owner - Professional Automotive, Anchorage, AK